Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kids Kids Kids

Today you get to see pics of my kids... I haven't shown kid pics in some time.

I start out with pics from school. I teach Special Education students who are all in the regular educational setting with accommodations. Most of them have, in my opinion, a primary disability that lasts from 8:30 am - 3:30 pm. In other words, if you were to see these kids outside of school you would never know they have problems in school.

The problem comes when we try to fit them into the same square hole that all students are shoved into. Most of them eventually go in because children, like us, are adaptable. A few of them just are not able to make it no matter how hard we try or how hard they try. So what do we do? We make learning the way it should be for everyone.

Reading Comprehension activities are taught by reading the directions and putting together an indoor planting cart. Measurement and Life Science are taught through actually measurement of observable results and touchable changes that take place before our very eyes. For some strange reason, most of these incapable students with disabilities so severe they cannot sit still or even function in the regular educational setting, flourish.

The second part of today's slide has pictures from x-treme- our Sunday morning Children's Church. We started our Children's services about six months ago.

First, we stopped Sunday School for our children for about six months and did just a Children's Church. This allowed us to gain momentum and 'get out of the box.' So many times we get stuck in the box- doing the same thing we have always done. Sometimes you just need to do something different just because.

Next, we reopened our Sunday School classes and held x-treme during our morning worship service. This last step has seen the biggest change. Knowing that x-treme is now their Sunday morning church service has given the kids more of sense of ownership in what happens each morning. Our altar calls and worship have really picked up and I cannot wait to see what will happen in the coming services. Soon we will have our very own room and I think that will only add to what has already been taking place.

There are also a few shots of 'ondeck', our pre-service area and our last 'x-kids' mission. Enjoy.

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