Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Great State Fair Of Texas

I LOVE the State Fair. It has become on of my favorite things to do within the fall season. The Texas State Fair is among the very best. If you have yet to go I would advise you do so.

For me, the best time to go is during the Cotton Bowl. You spend the day at the Fair while the sounds of football and wild screaming fans are heard across the park. It just adds to the experience.

Of course no State Park experience is complete without food! No matter what 'new' thing they come up with- and they are trying new things every year- the best food (and one that originated at the Texas State Fair) is the corn dog. The only place to get them is the Flecther Corny Dog stand right outside of Big Tex. (Be prepared to wait) Flecther Corny Dogs were invented by Carl and Neil Fletcher in 1938 and have become a sensation the world over. Every food vendor on the grounds is hoping to find another.

This past year we went with Lynn & Kim, Kassie & Priscilla, and Shane & Amanda. Enjoy the pics!

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