Monday, March 16, 2009

Sixty One Days...

First things first- No, I didn't Internet fast for sixty-one days!

So many things have been happening since the beginning of this brand new year. We have had seven people receive the Holy Ghost and/or be baptized just since last Sunday alone! Last night was such an incredible service- walls fell in Wichita Falls. For some, the service lasted till almost midnight. I could say that I am excited or overjoyed but those words just seem a little absent of what I really feel. So... I will start somewhere else!

Back in December I promised a 'sweeps' week and then it was cancelled due to the Internet fast. So in honor of Spring Break- and my probably dead blog- I am starting out with pictures! Yeah!

Today I am giving you a slide show of pictures from Christmas & Thanksgiving. As I uploaded them I noticed that most of them are about food! lol Go figure!

I started with the Progressive Christmas Party that was hosted by myself, The Duttons, The Mercers, and Kassie & Priscilla. This year Lynn & Kim had the Appetizers, The Mercers & Priscilla hosted dinner, while Kassie & I put our differences aside (lol) and hosted dessert.

Later on you get pictures of Thanksgiving & Family time. Enjoy!


Lynn said...

It's not dead yet... I still check in once a month!

Karla said...

I'm still a follower.

Joseph James said...

LOL-- Once a month! Ha