Friday, December 19, 2008

The Seventh Day of Christmas

Today was the last day of school before Christmas break- Thank you, Jesus! I really need a break... and the kids REALLY, REALLY, REALLY need a break.

At work, I primarily work with students who have special needs- dyslexic, autism, learning disabled- and today one of my autistic kids was sent to my room before school even started because he just would not SHUT-UP! He was SOO excited. He was talking so much he was making himself out of breath.

I didn't worry too much because if he passed out then he would at least have to stop talking. I also didn't tell him to be quiet because it is CHRISTMAS TIME! Isn't everyone excited? They should be.

This Sunday our x-treme Music Director, Sis. CeeDee (an orange-skinned purple-haired puppet), is staring in a puppet Christmas play. Our kids are very excited... in fact, I caught one of them laying on the floor in hallway trying to peek in through the return vent to see what it was all about! I am sure that when Sunday comes along they will be high as kites... it will be so much fun.

In light of these things, on this seventh day of Christmas, today I am thankful for a special gift that I will credit- in part- to my family- and in part- to God. God gave me a gift to be able to work in His kingdom and to use for His glory. My parents nurtured it. My brother had to constantly experience it growing up. lol

I am so thankful that I get to wake up every morning and go to work doing what I enjoy the most... helping someone experience life! Then, as if that isn't enough, I am blessed to be able to do the same thing at church... help someone experience life living for Jesus! I am blessed.

I don't ever want to take what I do lightly. I never want to stop feeling the need to drive toward perfection in what I do. I also never want to forget that anyone else could do what I do, and I am blessed to be the one doing it... even if it is the last day of the semester, before Christmas break, and with a student who truly sometimes cannot make himself shut-up!

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Karla said...

I must say you are awesome at what you do. I'm so thankful God uses you to minister to the children of Wichita Falls!