Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Sixth Day of Christmas

I knew that at some point on my list would be Jason- today is the day. Jason, my brother, is a gift to me- one of my greatest. After going back and looking, I have written no less than two posts about him per year for each year of my blog... so I know you must tire of it! I am sure he does.

O, well.

I don't ever want to lose the thankfulness for being given a sibling. There is nothing like them. I have said it before and I will say it again today: You cannot possibly understand the scripture reference, 'closer than a brother'- unless you have one.

And since they now are one, in the same breath I must now say that I am so very thankful for his wonderful wife, Julie. It is a gift that my sister-in-law still allows me to be so close with my brother- her husband. Some might say that it is odd I thank her for such a thing. I disagree.

Julie will never know how much I admire her for her selflessness. I am sure that she sometimes feels she might not be as selfless as I think- but she would be wrong. She entered our family at a turbulent time and never complained. So many young brides would have been so much more demanding and wanting more attention on them.

I remember the day of the wedding. I was totally committed to the entire day being about her and her marriage to my brother- I would have done anything necessary to help make it so. For several weeks, and even months leading up to it, it wasn't all about them. She never complained and never seemed to begrudge our family or our circumstances.

Now that I have typed it out... it kinda sounds like Julie is the gift! That's okay... she is a gift... and not just to my brother. She was a gift to our family.

On this sixth day of Christmas I am thankful for the gift of my brother and his godly wife. I love you both! (and since you will both probably see this... you know... Christmas is always so much more fun with kids... humm...)

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Karla said...

Joseph - I have agreed with your posts about Jason in the past, and now I MUST agree with you about Julie. I, too, observed her selflessness through those times with your family. She truly is a Godly woman, and I am proud to be her friend. Jason & Julie are one of the finest couples I know!