Wednesday, October 15, 2008


My lack of recent blogging has several causes.

Most important is that my firewall service- the one that is supposed to protect my home from trashy sites, ugly e-mails, and sudden ‘unseemly’ pop-ups has gone haywire. Since the beginning of the month it has started to register blogger as one of those ‘unseemly’ sites. The only thing I can do is view a blog. It is really annoying.

The main problem is that the program is supposed to be the very best the internet has to offer- Besafe. I HATE IT. Why? Because it is so safe, that if it ever does mess up, like mine has done, the program must wait to expire, it cannot simply be reset. So, I have no idea what I am going to do, but I certainly will never buy it again- and no matter what anyone else says, I would advise you to not buy it as well.

The next reason is that for some reason or other, I have discovered that I simply have fewer hours in the day then most people. I have actually been able to figure that I am missing a whole 2 hours somewhere in my day. This has all sorts of effects.

For one, I cannot blog as often as I was accustoming to just a few months ago. By the time I get home, cook dinner, and sit down for just about five minutes, it is time to get up and do something- and sometimes it is just a simple thing that could have very easily been avoided if people actually cared about their jobs.

An example: Today, not only am I running behind and blogging anyway, but I also have to drive all the way to FedEx. Why is that a problem? Because the FedEx guy couldn’t do one simple thing- put my package in the mail slot on my door. Where are all the hard workers?

That is really just about all the reason’s I could come up with; however, I did want to mention that I have a new iphone. I LOVE IT!!! It is fantastic and incredible. In fact, some of those two hours have probably gone to the discovery of all of the wonderful new things my iphone can do.

In fact, you need one too! :O)


Lynn said...

those wonderful things like... flip a coin.

JulieK said...

I love my IPhone also. Make sure that if Jason gets one you buy him a case like yours. I hear he tends to DROP off really easy HEHEHE! As far as Besafe goes it can be a pain but if you need help I am sure Todd or Bro Charles could figure it out!