Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Slow Death of A Blog

Well... here it is the middle of October and blogger still has not changed it's IP for its Dashboard and comment pages. For those of you who have been visiting my page and noticing the lack of blogging... this is the reason... well in part.

The real reason is because of a horrible program called Bsafe Online. Yes, it stinks. Since my last blog I have had many, many, MANY people tell me of problems they have had with the program... it gets a bug, gets a virus, suddenly for no reason starts blocking wanton sights like blogger... whatever the reason it suddenly for no reason makes online life horrible.

The only way I can blog is if I do so from another computer... because... for some reason... blogger is now an 'unseemly' sight. In fact, no later than a day after I posted last I heard from someone who randomly had the program start dropping banking websites and such. Certainly a program one should stay away from.

I purchased the program shortly after my home became the home of teenagers- which was around this time last year... so here I am... slowly waiting for the program to expire... unless that is some sort of bug as well?!

In other news....

I do intend to fight all odds and breath some sort of life back into the site for the election. As silent as my blog has been over the last few weeks- due this catastrophe- the election is nearing! I am like a kid in a candy store. I have already started assembling my election party packets and planning how to update the site in celebration of the day.

Have no fear... The Dialogue will have live coverage of the results as they become available on Tuesday of next week. I can hardly stand the wait! So many people are voting early. Who would ever want to vote early and miss out on all the fun?

What a wonderful day it will be; election lines; mad dashes to the polling places; edge of your seat suspense; and all the political news and pundits you could ever ask for. I plan to totally gorge myself on politics!

Another very exciting thing that will happen is the official prediction of the Presidential winner by The Dialogue. And lest their be any confusion- while not all of the Dialogues' 'endorsed' candidates have won elections and or nominations, The Dialogue has NEVER had an incorrect prediction of an election night result. You will not want to miss this years'!

As always... I do want to take this opportunity to provide a public service message and remind everyone that as of the last session of Congress, Presidential voting has now been split up into two distinct days. Republicans will be voting on Tuesday of next week and Democrats will be voting on Wednesday. The important thing to remember is that Republicans = Tuesday and Democrats = Wednesday. I hope this clears things up for everyone.

In one last show of un-bias support out of respect for the hard fought race on both sides, I have placed both campaign signs below:


What's His Name?
(Wednesday voting only)


Mandy said...

Your Crazy!!! I am excited about the election! I just pray it goes MY way!!!!

Lynn said...

Wow! Your blog has NEVER missed a Presidential pick? In all 2 and 1/2 years it's been in business!! That IS quite the record!!

Kassie Dutton said...

You are so dumb. Can't wait to see what's in those party packets this year!! :)

Anonymous said...

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