Saturday, November 01, 2008

Jason K. Ouellette

Today is a special day... a great day, actually. Today is the day my brother, Jason, was born. He and his wonderful wife have spent the last two days on a special 'birthday' get-away. (I hope you both enjoyed yourself)

Anyway... last year I told you five facts about Jason that you might not know- it was all done in love of course! So this year I have been trying to think what I can do to commemorate this wonderful day: the day God gave me a brother. I looked back at last year's post to refresh my memory.

If you remember, and you might not, number one was about a picture. A picture that I keep on my desk of Jason when he was in second grade. (The one to the left) I really like it because I think it captures him so well.

It captures his pleasantness and his easy going personality. He is such a genuinely happy person that it is hard not to see this picture and smile. (These days I look at this picture and think how fun it will be to be an uncle to a 'little Jason!')
I have also included another one- one taken only a year ago with him and Julie. You can see the same smile and tell he hasn't changed that much at all... and that's a good thing!

Happy Birthday Jason
I love you!


Linda Elms said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JASON! I hope you've had a great one! LOVE YOU!

Gene Holley said...

I wish you the greatest year ever, Jason! Your smile and pleasant personality are contagious. Happy Birthday!

janet anglin said...

Birthday greetings to you, Jason! Your sweet smile and disposition is one thing that draws people to you.....don't ever lose it.

Keith and Carla said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Jason!!!

Tammy Bryant said...

How sweet Bro. Joseph!

Happy Birthday Bro. Jason and hi to Sis. Julie!

jay5in said...

Thank you and thank you. God has given me blessing upon blessing. My wonderful bride, my brother-my pillar, and friends like all of you...