Tuesday, October 07, 2008

What every Joe-six-pack and Soccer Mom should know

For some reason my computer will not allow me to blog. I have no idea why… technology can be so wonderful. Nonetheless, I have decided to pull out the ole laptop- disconnect the cords to my desktop- and blog anyway. I am stickin’ it to the man; in this case technology!

Today the economy took another nose dive; so many commentators are quick to point out the Republicans are taking a ‘hit’ for it. I guess tonight’s blog is just my feeble attempt at reassuring myself that the average ‘Joe-six-pack’ and ‘soccer mom’ really do know their history and actually do some sort of research before selecting the next idiot to be President.

Does anyone ever get tired of the Republicans and the strong, sound free markets of the United States being under the attack of Democrats and the media who fawn over them? I certainly do.

It amazes me that everyone seems to forget that way back in 1999, that era when the Resolute Desk had to be refinished due to some mysterious fluid found underneath, that our proud, free markets were forced to ‘deregulate’ and accept the credit of individuals whose credit was “generally not good enough to qualify for conventional loans.”

In other words, tax-payers were forced to foot the bill for the ‘economically disadvantaged’ so that they could also participate in the American dream of owning a $250,000 home- which by the way, I don’t own.

Now, in ways no one could have possibly predicted (except the Republicans in 2003), it seems that the Medicare baby makers of our Nation weren’t making enough at the local 7-eleven to keep their mortgage payments up. Our once free markets are paying the price. This of course is all due to the fact that millionaires are greedy- the dots are hard for me to connect as well.

Free markets are not the culprit of our current condition. It is… a drum roll please… fed from the bosom of the Democratic party- Affirmative Action- the great American Institution of our time!

For over ten years our markets have been providing the over $250,000 American dream to anyone- and I do mean anyone- and this Clinton initiative has now come back to haunt us. Wow- eight years of sound Republican policy has still not been able to undo this mess. God help us if the unthinkable happens.

The scariest part is that so many simple minded people are willing to hand our proud markets to the government to destroy them even further. I quote Patrick Henry, a Founding Father of America, Signer of the Constitution of the United States, and personal hero:

Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others take, but as for me; give me Liberty, or give me death!

Nothing… absolutely nothing is more precious then freedom. The children of Israel were rebuked for longing for the garlic of a ‘safe’ captivity. If we are not careful we will repeat history and allow Obama and his minions to shame America and rape her on the world’s stage for a false sense of security.

Forbid it, Almighty God!


Anonymous said...

I have stopped by a few times and think you are way too off in right field. This type of idiocracy only conferms it... the only way we will see all of this turn around is if we get some real change- Obama!

Joseph James said...

Ugh... you misspelled 'confirm'; but, hey, thanks for posting!

Lynn said...

Who's the Left Winger? They got it RIGHT, you are off in RIGHT field. Better RIGHT than wrong(I mean left)