Monday, June 02, 2008

Sweeps Week!

There are some who thought that the 'it' that was coming was summer vacation- NOT. Instead... it is something much better.

We here at The Dialogue have noticed a 'slump' in blogging hits. To combat this epidemic, we are introducing the world of blogging to its very first 'sweeps week.' What is a 'sweeps week'?

A Sweeps Week is something similar to what you might find in television where different stations attempt to 'sweep' the audience away from competing stations to boost viewership. In the blogging world, we will dedicate one week to boosting our hits. How will we do this?

To initiate our first ever sweeps week, The Dialogue is dedicated to publishing a brand new slideshow EACH day this week! That's right... each day will be a brand new slideshow featured here on The Dialogue. No matter what your plans are this week... you will want to tune in everyday to see a brand new show just for you!

Kick off your summer with a daily dose of The Dialogue!


Karla said...

I want to know whose red car is in the picture on the right!!!

Roxana said...

Pictures? Of people and places I remember? I will be here!
Go, Kool and the Gang!

Anonymous said...

ooooo nice car, I too want to know who's that is! Bel Air right?

Joseph James said...

Phone Photo: The car was actually in the parking lot of a Boston's resturant. If I remember correctly, David took my phone and took the pic... just about any pic on my phone of a car is from David.

Roxana: I LOVE Kool and his Gang. lol