Friday, May 30, 2008

Hail To Summer Vacation!

Peel forth the bells in exalted jubilation,
Let every child shout with a voice of gladness;
The Heavens and Earth call out in joyful cadence,
For summer has come to this weary land,
And Freedom everywhere proclaimed!


Roxana said...

I wondered what "it" was thatt was coming, but...Kool and the Gang??? Have mercy!! My speakers are off but the song is now stuck in my head. Thanks.
Two more half days of scool for Brianna, then she has to come to work with me every day. Poor kid.

Roxana said...

Seems I need to go back to school to learn to spell it!

Linda Elms said...

Joseph, it sounds like you're READY for SUMMER! I'm glad you'll have the time off! ENJOY!

Joseph James said...

Don't worry... It is still coming.