Monday, June 02, 2008

A Family Weekend

This past weekend Jason and Julie were able to come up and visit. It was so nice to have them here. They came in on Friday night and stayed through late Monday evening.

With all of us being so involved in our church- and especially since Julie is the Music Minister at First UPC of Euless- it is so hard for us to be in service together. Having them with us all day on Sunday was an extra special blessing for me. Thank you First UPC for letting them 'get away.'

I took several pictures from our weekend. I hope you enjoy them. We spent all day at the pool on Saturday- and you will be able to tell from some of the pictures. On Sunday we had a good time together in church. We spent all day Monday enjoying each others company at the Sheppard AFB Flight Museum and the Kemp Center for the Arts.


(If you want to know about sweeps week, read below...)


Karla said...

Looks like fun. I didn't even know SAFB had a museum! Where was the lawn art? That looked pretty neat.

Roxana said...

I'm with Karla...I didn't know about the museum either. But it has been since the early '90s since I was there.

Joseph James said...

The Museum is actually the refurbished site of the orginial air field in Wichita Falls- little know but very neat.

The lawn art came from the lawn of the Kemp Center For The Arts. It is an Art Center that has all types of art and offers a variety of classes to the public.