Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The 'foot-hills'

In February of this year we loaded up the van and headed to the Wichita Mountains.

For those of you who don’t know, the Wichita Mountains are actually the ‘foot-hills’ of the Rockies. They pop up just north of Wichita and dive back into the landscape through the pan-handle of Texas. The Great Plans Museum, in Canyon Texas, has a neat display that actually shows the Mountain chain as it dives into the earth and resurfaces again. (They also have a rather cool old car display that almost got me landed in jail… but that is another story… and another slide! LOL)

It was a day when we some of us were off of work, life had been kinda’ hectic, and we all just needed to ‘get away.’ Cosme, Lynn & Kim, David & Brandon, and myself; all loaded up around 10:00 and spent the day just walking around, relaxing, and eating ‘small town’ style. It was a memory captured in pictures…




Michelle said...

I think we need to hear the story about the old cars!

Karen Prince said...

Good memories and good pictures!
I especially like the one of the ducks in the water with the reflection...looks like twinkling stars!
We always enjoyed a good Meer's burger at the Wichita Mountains.

JulieK said...

sounds like a day of fun!!! Are you getting ready for our youth camp adventure coming up????

Roxana said...

So what's with the "buy me" thingy? And did Lynn really think he was holding that rock steady?!

Joseph James said...

Michelle: Not today... :o) It is a funny story though... and I wasn't the only one that almost went to jail!

Karen Prince & Juliek: Thanks... the Wichita Mountains are always a nice get away.

Roxana: I have no idea what the 'buy me' thingy is... I will look into it.

Keith and Carla said...

Enjoyed the pictures! Reminds me of good 'ole times we spent there.