Monday, December 17, 2007

The Other Endorsement

Usually I am only concerned with one opinion- mine. Our faithful readers know that as of recently we have hired a new member to work with us here at The Dialogue. After my most recent post- concerning the Official Endorsement of The Dialogue for President of the United States, I was informed by our staff (the only other member) that not everyone shares the same political stance as I.

After taking a few days to think it over, I have decided to allow the ‘other’ staff member to share her view on her own personal Endorsement for President of the United States. All readers need to be aware that the following is NOT an endorsement by The Dialogue. With that said, I give you Miss. Coleman.

*******From the Desk of Aprelle Coleman*******


What a political race we have had so far this term! I agree with Joseph that those running seem to have been running since November four years ago; however, that is where our agreement stops.

I want to take this opportunity to let you know that I will be casting my vote for Hillary this year. For more than 200 years men have been in control of our country. Look where it has gotten us? It is time for a woman- and I underscore the woman. Mrs. Clinton is an already proven leader from her last time term office, and let's face it; the Whitehouse needs the China back.

Speaking of China…

What America has always needed is a small ‘trimming’ of her grossly gluttonous liberties. Mrs. Clinton is an avid supporter of the world community and with so many ideas we ‘couldn’t afford them all’, Mrs. Clinton will usher America into a new age of socialistic security like never before.
On November 5, 2008 your vote needs to be for Clinton!

Hugs & Kisses,



Linda Elms said...

I think you need to FIRE Aprelle and just be the only one allowed to write on "The Dialogue"!! I wouldn't have her on my staff at all! I treasure people's opinions, but I really do like mine on this one! :)



Billy and Michelle said...

Wow, Aprelle needs to have her self checked out, I think she took a hit to the head.

Roxana said...

Fire her!!

Joseph James said...

Well, I must say... part of Aprelle's talent has been drawing people in... and she did get more response from HER endorsement than mine. lol

Aprelle Coleman said...

I appreciate the support that my current employer has given me.

I would also like to take this opportunity to wish all of my readers a "Happy Holidays", as I will be out of town for the remainder of the Holiday season.

Hugs & Kisses

Kenny Prince said...

Aprelle is quite the political commentator! It appears that she has such a clever mind for what would be so right for our great country. NOT!!!! Fortunately, it appears that Senator Clinton is not very electable. One question. Can anyone tell me one thing Senator Clinton has accomplished during her over seven years in office. The only thing that I can think of has to do with being wrong on most of the positions she has taken.