Monday, December 24, 2007

A Dialogue First

Well, here it is. The very FIRST Dialogue slide show! Who would have thought that you would be viewing a slideshow here on The Dialogue?

I am entitling this show, ‘December’. I took Sis. Elms comment to heart about a new camera and bought myself a Christmas present. Here are the pictures of my December moments.

The first event I had my camera at was our annual Lifesavers Christmas Outing. This year we decorated cookies and took them to the elderly in our church after we caroled at their door. You will not be able to view any of these photos as I accidentally deleted them (Hadn’t read the handbook yet!).

Since there are no pictures from Lifesavers, we start with our church Christmas Fellowship. This year we had it at the church. It was possibly one of the most fun times we have had. The Fellowship Hall was all decorated and everything was very nice, relaxed, and enjoyable. Thanks to everyone who made it possible.

Next, you will see pictures of the Angel Tree wrapping. This year we gave gifts to 29 children. That means that we had 58 cards on our tree. We wrapped well over 200 gifts in four hours. Sis. Kassie did an excellent job organizing the event again this year. I don’t think we had ever given to that many children before. This past Sunday night she got up and told the church just some of the stories of some of the families we gave to. I think this particular ministry has become a highlight for many at Life Tabernacle.

Finally there are pictures of our Christmas Party. Lynn and Kim Dutton and I, Jason and Misty Mercer and Priscilla, Eddie and Ashley Jordan and Kassie, hosted a Progressive Christmas Party for the mid twenty/thirty crowd (Kinda’ weird to be in that group).

We all met a Jason and Misty’s for appetizers. They had everything from stuffed mushrooms, fried feta pastries, and the best eggnog I have ever had. Next, we headed to my house where Kim and I had made the evening’s entrĂ©e. We had two choices: Four Cheese Manicotti in Marinara, or Shrimp Stuffed Shells in Crab Newburg. We also offered Garden Salad or Minestrone Soup with Crusted Bread.

Finally we ended the evening at Eddie and Ashley’s where Ashley had made a wonderful Peppermint Cake and several caramel dipped marshmallows confected with coconut, almonds, and many other goodies. Kassie had also made her famous butter milk pies. We stuffed ourselves with deserts and had cider and sparkling grape juice.

There are also some other odds and ends thrown into the mix. I hope you enjoy!



Thanks for all the pictures and update! That is awesome about the Angel Tree and the number of children who were blessed by it. That was always a highlight in the year for me. Have a blessed Christmas - we love you.

Joseph James said...

Love you too.

Linda Elms said...

Joseph, I'm so glad you got a new camera! Now, we can enjoy the special slideshows or pictures that you post. Thank you for this slidshow. I enjoyed seeing all the different December events. I, too enjoyed our church social this year! It was just special for some reason. The Angel Tree program this year has been so exciting with all the gifts given to children. I'm glad ya'll had a wonderful "Progressive Dinner". That would be fun! I quit for now. Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS! Love You!