Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Now Is The Time

I, like every other American, hate the idea that the current Presidential race started the day our last elected President took office. It is hard to believe that this four year primary is approaching an end; nevertheless, it is.

So many people seem to be so tired of the continuous politics. It seems like every election lately is ‘the most important election of our time.’ Why is that?

My personal philosophy is because our world is sliding so quickly into decay. For all of her problems, America is still- by far (and that is not saying much these days)- the most Christian nation on earth. It is a constant struggle to keep her that way.

There are forces at work within our Nation that would seek to see her raped on the altar of humanism and socialism. It is our duty as Americans to fight with the only real voice we have, our vote, to see that this evil agenda is not accomplished.

So, no matter how tired you are of the politics- no matter how much you wish it would all go away. Now is the time to start paying attention. Now is the time to start tuning in. Why? Because the most important thing that happens in this year’s election will not start with the general election but will begin over the next few weeks in individual states at party primaries. Why? –Because that is where your voice matters most.

Out of the candidates available to vote for, only one candidate deserves your vote. This is not an opinion as much as it is a matter of morality. Never before has the Christian vote been this clear. Never before has one candidate so closely aligned themselves with, and I use a personal reference, my own personal Christian convictions and faith.

Before you turn away, before you say; “He’s too Christian”, “The general public will never vote for someone that religious”, “He will never get elected”, find yourself a mirror and honestly say that another candidate is more qualified for the job of leading a Christian Nation.

I have heard many people comment on how Mike Huckabee, a Baptist minister and current Senator, is too religious to be President of the United States. After all, he publicly states that he believes in God, the Genesis account of creation, and that God should remain at the center of American government. How crazy is that?

Well, for starters, not as crazy as me. I believe in the Genesis account as well (as do most Americans when polled). I also believe in God (as do upwards of 90% of Americans). But I get even crazier! I also believe that the spirit of God can fill you up and cause you to speak in a language that you have never learned or spoken before in your life!

In fact, this past Sunday I taught a Sunday school lesson on how the Bible- that old historic book with accounts of the prophet Jesus (who I happen to believe was God manifest in the flesh)- is a sword for us to combat Satan (the guy who I believe the be the enemy of all mankind who is out to destroy the world). Call me crazy.

The fact is if Mike Huckabee is too Christian for me then something doesn’t add up. Out of all of the candidates running for President he is consistently the only one who exemplifies the Christian qualities that should always be part of any President.

Will he win? Who knows? But I plan on voting in my Primary to make sure he at least has a chance… and I believe you ought to do the same. Why? –Because I know how much I love my country, I know how much I value her Christianity, I know how much I value her freedom, and I do not want to leave the decision of nominating a candidate to run for President with people who might not care like I do.

If Huckabee does not win the Republican primary, then I will have voted my conscience. I will have cast my vote for the one person who I truly believe would do the very best job as President of the United States, and not just the one who is “likely to win.” (after all, whoever the Republicans vote for will be running against a psycho female or a Muslim… how hard will the win really be?)

So, if you have misplaced your backbone, and are thinking of taking the liberal way out to support someone based upon his/her perceived electability, I am giving you a way to sleep at night again. On March 4, 2008 all Texans will have the opportunity to vote for the individual who is most deserving of the Republican Party’s nomination for President of the United States. On that day there will only be one choice. Be brave enough to let your conscience be your guide… get STUCK on HUCK!


Billy and Michelle said...

I really like him too, but I can't vote in the primary since I'm a registered independent. I know, I get flack all the time since I'm very conservative, but I'm a little bit crunchy on the edges hence the independent status.

Roxana said...

Psycho female...that really does sum her up doesn't it?!! Scary to think of those who will vote for her! *shudder*

Joseph James said...

Yes, Roxana it does!

Billy & Michelle- In Texas you do not register by Party. Your Party affiliation is determined by the Party Primary that you vote in... therefore, you could vote in any Primary you want; Libertarian, Democratic, and Republican; however, you are only allowed to vote in ONE Party Primary (for obvious reasons). Don't fret... you can STILL vote! :o)

Billy and Michelle said...

Wow, thanks for the info Bro Joseph! In New Mexico, you are only allowed to vote in the primary if you are registered Rep or Dem...I learned the hard way by showing up to vote in one and being turned away. I'm excited to vote in March now!