Thursday, July 26, 2007

Dialogue Record Entry #6

(In case you have missed the link on my page all this time...)
The Dialogue Officially Endorses Coulter

Another Justification for My Crush


Roxana said...

You kill me, Joseph! But it looks like VBS is a huge success! Great job, Leader!

Roxana said...

Hey, I just heard your message from Wed night...Great job! I needed that!
Don't worry I'm not an internet stalker or any thing...(hope that don't disappoint you)I'm sure some of the 30 somethings remember me...we were young together!

Billy and Michelle said...

I also love Ann Coulter (however, she is NOT my crush), she is a riot!

Joseph James said...

Well she certainly loves to cause a riot... and that may be part of the reason I like her so.

Thanks Roxana, It has been nice having you drop in on my blog lately. The coolest thing about the internet is keeping in contact with all those people that you probably never would have been able to otherwise.