Saturday, July 28, 2007

That's A Wrap

I love Vacation Bible School, but I love when it’s over! Vacation Bible School could never be a success without all of the wonderful volunteers who help make it so. This year we had so many volunteers- there were so many people who wanted to help and did so. THANK YOU ALL!

Some of our success stories:

One family was visiting from another Pentecostal Church from another state. They had two children and the young boy had a speech problem. Apparently it has affected him so negatively that he does not attend Sunday school, VBS, or church functions where he would have to be on his own. From what his mother said, he is very concerned about it.

On Tuesday he showed up at VBS with his sister who had attended the day before. She had talked him into going. He came and opened right up. He even participated in our contests for cool shades and secret disguise day. His mother called home and told her family a miracle had happened. She was very excited and very hopeful that it would carry over when they get back home. I truly hope it does! Thank you God for allowing us to be used, and thank you to our VBS staff for your dedication to all children.

We had another family attend VBS that are not members of our church. They have three children, although only two were old enough to attend VBS. The mother was so impressed with our church family that she asked if she could show up early to drop and pick her kids up from VBS just so she could visit with our ladies. I talked with her for just a few moments on Friday and really expect to see them in our service sometime soon!

We also had a number of first time visitors who have never attended our church. Equally exciting were the bus children who attend our Sunday school who were able to attend despite the fact that our vans had to be put in the shop. I am really looking forward to some positive results from last week.

Of course, we had our bumps as well! We had kids who vomited, scraped their knees, bumped their heads, broke their glasses, and even a broken arm! (Pray that it heals quickly and smoothly, please!) Anyone who can hold a week long event equally as intense and not have any accidents is something. No matter what, it was a success.

It was a success because of our workers and their attitudes. Everyone was so willing to do whatever needed to be done and we had so much help. There was a real attitude of willingness this year that hasn’t always been collectively present. It seemed as if everyone wanted to be involved- from families who have been in our church family for many years to our newest members. It was fantastic!

I cannot mention VBS without referring you to the pictures on Sis. Mandy's and Sis. Julie’s Blog. You will smile.


Linda Elms said...

Joseph, the report warms our hearts! THANK YOU for being the leader of VBS. You are awesome with kids. Also, all the wonderful people who helped this year....THANK YOU! You are ALL GREAT! Love you and will see you soon.

Keith and Carla said...

Glad to hear of the success! The volunteers are great, but it also takes someone with a burden and passion to see it carried out.

Gene Holley, Jr. said...

Glad everything went so well. I'm sure everyone enjoyed the things you put together!

DoSoLaLa said...

It takes a special burden to work with children - and God has definitely blessed you! It was great to see you at church this morning!

God bless!

Joseph James said...

Thanks Sondra! I enjoyed being there... I really enjoyed being in Sunday School.