Sunday, July 22, 2007

VBS 2007

Well, it’s that time again… time for VBS! Tomorrow starts our annual Vacation Bible School at Life Tabernacle. This year we are on a mission to become agents for Jesus; agents who trust, unite, train, follow, and lead others to Christ.

Although I am the Director, VBS is always something that cannot happen without MANY other people. This year, with everything that has gone on in my family, we have started a little late and ran quickly to catch up. Everyone has been wonderful and I am blessed to have people who love me and are willing to follow.

I always have a handful of young people who sign up to help as well- and I love using young people. It has sort of been a neat experience because all of the young people I am using only remember Vacation Bible Schools that I have directed. Most of them know exactly what I want them to do and how I want them helping the kids. Many of them usually enjoy ‘helping’ the kids from class to class more than anything else. (Basically they still get to be a part even though they are older.)

This year we have several new ideas that we are trying out. Our day will be a little longer and we will serve lunch and have a ‘recess’ with bounce houses and more. We incorporated online registration as well. I was laughing earlier today because some people just couldn’t figure it out and I had some really funny forms sent in. We still had the paper registration- for those who haven’t yet upgraded.

I did realize today that this will be the first Vacation Bible School without my mother being involved somewhere. I remember several Vacation Bible Schools that she directed when I was a child. I miss her.

So, if you do not hear from me, it is because I will be busy and then exhausted by the end of the week; however, it will be worth it all. I think working with children is a bit more different than working with other age groups. You are always willing to see the results instantly, and pray to see them, but most of the time you know that you are working for just the possibility of a future result.

I believe the great hope of anyone who works with children is that one day, when the time comes and the decision is being weighed, there is just too much truth to push away, making the wrong choice.


Sheree said...

Joseph I have no doubt that VBS will be great. I'm always amazed at how much talent you possess. Good luck and we'll be looking forward to hearing great reports.

Tammy Bryant said...

What a great post Joseph!

You are truly the bomb when it comes to children and your love for teaching them "truth"!

The future will come with great results.

Gene Holley, Jr. said...

I wish you the best this week! You are really amazing when it come to this children's stuff! Thanks for the curricullum and music for our VBS - it was really a blessing.

JulieK said...

You are awesome! I think that is why so many are eager to work with you this week. Thanks for taking time out of your busy life to love our kids the way you do. Today was a great 1st day! can't wait for tomorrow! Even one of the visiting moms came alittle early to visit with the other moms. She called me this evening and asked would it be ok if she came early tomorrow to visit with our ladies again! I said sure we would love to get to know you! See ya at 830 :)

Linda Elms said...

WOW! You definitely have what it takes to teach and lead children into a walk with God. Children are such a blessing in the Church and I'm thankful for all who participate in helping with VBS! Keep up the great work, Joseph. Your work will be rewarded!! Wish we were home to see you and the kids in action. Love you!