Sunday, January 14, 2007


The Situation
A few days ago the forecast for our area said that two major winter fronts were headed our way. We were told that we would have one this weekend, a small break in the weather, and then other the following week. Well- the forecast has since changed.

Apparently- and I will be the first to admit I am no authority on the matter- another type of front has hastened the arrival of our second winter front. Now, instead of having a break, the forecast says the temperatures will not be above freezing till possibly Wednesday or Thursday with sleet and snow possible each day. YUCK!

Just to let you know how bad it really is, Bro. Elms, my pastor, cancelled both of our Sunday services. When Life Tabernacle cancels services, its bad- especially when they cancel two in one shot. So I decided to start a ‘log’ for my ‘blog’ during our winter storm. (Since we have no idea how long this will be going on.)

Day 3
Freezing Temperatures & Freezing Slush Falling From the Sky
Today I attended church in Alexandria, LA. Apparently the church in Alexandria has a webcast of each service- very modern. The service was really good. Bro. Willabee (spelled phonetically- might be wrong) preached on, ‘Get a Word.’

He talked about how God is in the revealing business, not in the ‘hid and seek’ business. If we are to continually hear the voice of God, we need to make sure we are listening and obeying his voice. I thought it was very good- and on some levels seemed to work with what has been happening in our church lately.

Life Tabernacle seems to find herself once again with an undercurrent of something spectacular about to happen. As a church, we need to make certain we are listening and obeying the command of God.

Yesterday, I made some homemade chicken soup- everything from scratch. The only thing it was missing was an onion. I went to the store on Friday afternoon to buy groceries for this weekend (thank God I did) and there were people everywhere! They were completely sold out of onions! Onions are not a mass quantity item. Anyone who sells out of onions has had a lot of business.

United Market Street, a local grocer here in town, was completely out of bread. The one I went to had one package of hamburger buns left and five empty shelves. It was much worse than any Thanksgiving I can remember. O well- without the onions my soup was good even if I do say so myself.

I have no idea where I shall attend church this evening. If you know of any other churches that webcast services, let me know. Although the experience was neat- it sure makes you happy you have a church to attend. I think of all of the people in our world who live in remote places and only have webcast services. It’s great that they are able to get something- and I am sure they are very grateful- but thank God for my physical, wood, brick, & personable church!


Anonymous said...

The weather I have seen reported says more yucky weather next weekend too.Roads are not to bad right now if you need to go to the store.

LJoyE said...

Joseph, I went to church this morning at The Pentecostals, also. It was a great service and message. It did remind me of what God has been saying to us at Life Tabernacle. Calvary Tabernacle in Indianapolis, IN (Pastor Mooney) has a LIVE
webcast. They are 1 hour later than us so you will need to log in about 5-5:30 our time. I'm sure I will be there tonight for awhile then I'll go back to The Pentecostals in Alexandria.

Tammy & Dan Bryant said...

You are right Bro. Joseph. I enjoyed this morning at the POA but I so did miss the building and all of our many wonderful friends at "Life"

Joseph James said...

Thanks for the site... I will check them out. You know- I don't get to do this often at all. lol

LJoyE said...

You're welcome! None of us get to do this much, but when we have that opportunity for whatever reason, it's always enjoyable! I'm glad you could attend the services.