Thursday, January 11, 2007

Playing With Pansies

Anyone remember the Presidential Debates in the 2004 election? Remember that lone woman who stood up and asked the President if he had anything to apologize to the American people about: a mistake he had made, an untruth, a wrong decision?

Well Wednesday he gave the wolves what they have been wanting for the last several years. The President said to the Nation that if mistakes have been made in this war then the responsibility rests with him. In other words, he simply showed us how much of a man he is. (The real reason the Democrats are in a hussy.)

Let’s assume for one moment that he actually did need to apologize. Let’s assume that simply because President George W. Bush exists, a dictator named Saddam randomly killed innocent men, women, and children for no other reason than his pleasure. While we are pretending, we might as well pretend that he has single handedly destroyed our economy, prostituted faith with government, and so totally alienated us that none of our ‘friends’ will ever want to come over and play anymore.

As a true patriot, if someone really believes this pretending, I hold to the conviction that they actually have a right to live- unlike some countries. (i.e. Saddam’s Iraq- where you could be killed for what you believe.)

Apologize for what? Apologize because he understood, like Jefferson, that the “tree of liberty must from time to time be refreshed with the blood of tyrants and patriots.” The very nature of our existence compels us to act in the best interest of liberty no matter where it may be.

Democrats would have Americans believe that just because the path is more than we bargained for, cut and run! Its no wonder Democrats are socialistic Darwin believers who murder innocent children and marry Sodomites. The majority would find no value in the difficult yet rewarding journey of the Christian walk.

In that very same Presidential debate, still Senator Kerry was asked by a member of the audience (and I paraphrase) would you cut and run? The still Senator’s response was (and I quote) “Anthony, I would not.”

Well that was then, when he actually thought he might grow up to be President one day, and this is now (and I quote): “[still]Senator Kerry strongly opposes the Bush administration’s plan for expanding the U.S. troop presence.”

As the enemy has become more emboldened with each new attack, still Senator Kerry and the rest of the Democrats want to do just what they said they would never do! They want to cut and run! But then again it's ok to be a pansy in a non-election year.

While President Bush is presenting medals to brave men like Corporal Jason Dunham, who jumped onto an explosive devise to save his men, Democrats like Kerry and wishy-washy Republicans are thinking of pulling the strings on war funding.

Apologize indeed. The only way Democrats would be happy is if President Bush actually had destroyed the healthy free-market economy of the United States. They would sing his praises for doing things the Clinton way and prostituting anything. They would declare a national holiday at the very thought of the United States bowing to the feeble hand of the United Nations.

If anyone should apologize it should be the framers of the constitution for not making a difference between free speech and ignorant speech.


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Karla said...

WOW!! Amen, again!

LJoyE said...

I'm sure our wonderful President would like to read this post! WOW! America needs to stand with our leader and not give into the flimsy, non-patriotic whims of those who want to destroy a man who has the courage to stand against an enemy that wants to destroy our nation!! GOD BLESS PRESIDENT GEORGE W. BUSH and GOD BLESS AMERICA! Prayer is very much in order for our President! God give him strength!

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Keith and Carla said...

Amen, again! You said it so well.

Tammy & Dan Bryant said...

Bro. Joseph - I am already a fan of yours but you just solidified it for many, many years to come!
Write more, so we can enjoy and feel our blood flow thru our systems the way it is intended.
(With pride and vigor for the things we believe in including this great country)!
Thanks and AMEN indeed!

Joseph James said...

You know my political blogs are not nearly as appreciated as are my other blogs. I tend to have an extremist viewpoint. In my peronsal opinion, any amount of government is too much government. O well, I love all things political... its my dirty little closet vice.

LJoyE said...

Well now, I guess I have to disagree with you on your last comment, Joseph. If people were perfect like they were before the fall of Adam and Eve, then we might could get by with no government. But, because we are not perfect, and would do "that which is right in our own eyes" we must have some form of government in our country to help us maintain law and order. Consider the Word of God and what Apostle Peter wrote in 2 Pet. 2:10. I am not blind to the fact that government is corrupt in many ways, but all of us agree we live in the greatest country in the world! And I say again, THANK GOD for AMERICA! It's the men and women of this great nation that has made it what it is.