Monday, January 15, 2007


The Situation

Once again the forecast proved to not be totally trustworthy. Today the sun is out in style, and although the temperature has remained in the mid to low 20's, nothing brings a new outlook and smile like the sun!

Tuesday's forecast calls for temperatures to be in the mid 30's. By Thursday and Friday the forecast calls for freezing temps and more slush.

Day 4
Freezing Temperatures & NO Freezing Slush Falling From the Sky

I am little perplexed with what to do. If the temperatures keep rising then I will no longer be able to continue my 'Winter Advisory' Web log. (After all, I am not going to keep doing the Day4, 5, 6... thing if everything returns to normal- imagine where I would be in a month or two? Day 45? Day 62? Anyway- that would make my blogs all too common- can't do that.)

Today we had scheduled a planning meeting for VBS at my house. I have called those who are attending and I think we are all in favor of trying go through with it. If we don't have the meeting, it would be virtually impossible to schedule another where everyone could attend. I am sure all of you know how that goes.

Today I am listening to Avalon's newest album- 'Faith'. Out of all the Christian groups around today, Avalon is by far the most talented and sincere. I can't tell you the times that I have been listening to their music and been ushered into the presence of God. 'Faith' is a remix of many of Gospel's favorite songs: Blessed Assurance; Holy, Holy, Holy; All Is Well; How Great Thou Art; and a new one written just for the troops in Iraq. Isn't it something how Freedom and Liberty seem to walk hand in hand with Christianity?

Enjoy your day today. Today is a holiday that commemorates a great American- not just a great 'black man'. Today is a day that we celebrate an American who rose above the status to challenge our National ideas of Freedom and Justice. Dr. Martin Luther King, a Christian minister (hum- what do know? that liberty/Christian mix again), would not want himself remembered as an 'African American', for those types of labels were the very thing he was fighting against. He would want the world to remember him as he was- an American. Enjoy your freedom today in the light of the sun!

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