Monday, March 01, 2010

VOTE Texas!

It's Texas Independence Day! That's right... March 2, 1836 the State of Texas declared its independence from Mexico. In Texas, that means it is ELECTION DAY! Yeah!

Today is the day when each voter gets to vote in party primaries to select candidates to run in the general election for various positions across our state. Due to the fact that Texas is a Republican stronghold and many of the positions will be decided in the primary, it is a very important day for Texans.

The great thing about Texas is that you can vote in ANY party primary no matter what you call yourself. The only stipulation is that you may not vote in BOTH the Republican and Democrat primaries. Because of the nature of our State politic, many Democrats opt to vote in the Republican primary simply because most races will be won or lost in the primary.

No matter your political affiliation, or your ideas as to who should or shouldn't be in any particular office, you should vote today! (If you are in Texas)

Not sure you are registered to vote? Well, if your a Democrat you probably are not. Just kidding- I couldn't resist! The truth is, if you voted in the last National election, you probably are still registered to vote no matter what you call yourself. To find out go to the Secretary of State website and check to see. You can also locate your polling place as well.

Take pride in your State and do your part. If you want to know who I will be voting for then read the past posts. You are certainly welcome to vote the same!

Long live the Free and Sovereign Republic of Texas!

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