Saturday, February 20, 2010

Texas Endorsements

I had to take a break from the usually scheduled programing- the Olympics- to give an official endorsement for the Upcoming Texas elections on March 2. If you, as a Texan, have not considered voting, I ask that you reconsider- and very seriously.

This year we have a number of things happening in Texas politics and nothing can be more substantial than in the race for Governor. For years we have been under the incapable leadership of Gov. Rick Perry. This year Texans finally get the opportunity to select someone who just might have the political clout to beat Perry- U.S. Senator, and friend and advocate of North Texas and Sheppard AFB- Kay Bailey Hutchison.

No one has defended North Texas as much as Kay. In her few years of service she has become one of the most important woman in the U.S. Senate. Her vigilance has kept our AFB and our values at the forefront of every choice she has made. I wholeheartedly offer my support for her in the upcoming primary.

I encourage you to visit to learn more about her.


Noah said...

Meh. Kay Bailey is awful. Texas has flourished under Perry.

Joseph James said...

I can't even imagine how anyone could think so... at least not when looking at the facts. Texas' education system is almost drowning in debt, Gov. Perry's insane idea to make Texans pay to build roads that other countries collect the Taxes on will only do damage to an already week transportation system, Rick Perry has become weak on security measures at our boarders, and he does nothing to secure Texas as a major political force in the U.S. for the next generation. He is, in my opinion... a lazy politician who has become comfortable with a job he's been doing for far too long!