Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Ninth Day of Christmas

Several months ago, in August to be exact, I took my Samsung swimming. Needless to say, it didn't take well to the idea. I spent about a month debating within myself before I broke down and purchased the iphone. I LOVE IT!

In fact, this small device has so revolutionized my life that my brother confessed yesterday to actually calling the headquarters of the Apple merchandising store in California to see if they made Apple Christmas ornaments. They do not. He had intended to purchase one for me to commemorate the year of my iphone purchase.

Anyway... yesterday I found my old power cord for the Samsung. I decided to try it out and it worked! I was able to get all my old numbers from the phone. I was so happy. I have spent the last thirty minutes getting information from one source to another.

All of this brings me to the gift I celebrate today. The gift of being able to live in the 20 & 21 century. Many may consider this a curse... but I do not by any means. I am a product of my time.

In winter I walk over the box on my wall and adjust the temperature of my home. It gets set to the exact temperature I prefer (usually 70). In summer I walk over to the same magical box on my wall and adjust the temperature to the exact temperature I prefer. No fires, no uncomfortable clothing, no giant fans waving all over the place... just wonderful technology doing its job. I wonder what someone like George Washington would think about a thing like Central Heat and Air?

Whenever I dirty a dish I simply rinse it, open the dish washer, and slide it in. When the washer is full, I turn it on and let it do all the work for me. Wonderful. There are so many other wonderful things I could talk about.

I could talk about the computer that I am typing on. Wow. I wonder what people from other time periods would think about the whole concept of a computer? A way to stay in constant communication with the entire world. Or, I could even discuss my iphone!

My iphone is quickly becoming my 'one' device. It has neat games, my calendar, constant weather updates, gps maps that tell me exactly where I am and were I need to go, a camera, a notepad, calculators, my Bible- in any translation I want, my mobile newspaper from anywhere in the world, my walkman (now we call them ipods), my e-mail, movie rental store, unlimited web service... you name it... it has it. Amazing.

I couldn't even imagine living in another time period. I detest camping for the very reason that if 'frees' me of needed technological conveniences- like sanitary restrooms! I am not someone who idealises the past. SO, on this ninth day of Christmas, I am thankful for living in the modern era. Thank you, Jesus that even my Kleenex can now be sanitized with those little blue dots in between the plies!


Karla said...

This post actually made me laugh - probably because I so wholeheartedly agree with you!!! I love the time we live in. Thanks for putting it in such eloquent words!

Lynn said...

So, I thought you didn't have to rinse YOUR dishes before placing them in the dishwasher. I thought YOUR dishwasher was advanced enough to get "even the toughest of dried foods" off by just placing the dish in the washer. Hmmm... learn something new everyday! :)Merry Christmas!

Joseph James said...

LOL- well actually it is... I must have got so caught up in what I was doing. lol

Your right- it is a silent washing commercial washer that does it all.