Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Thinking of Ike

Hurricane Ike has continued to keep me mesmerized.

It is so very different when a Natural Disaster feels as if it is ‘in your backyard.’ I know it isn’t, and to say so might offend those whose yard it is actually in, however; hearing all the familiar names of islands, towns, beaches, and cities still experiencing problems make it seem as if it is.

I still have pictures on my computer of the last time I visited Galveston Island. We spent the day taking pictures of all of the unique buildings and Island Cathedrals. The Island had such a neat architectural heritage. It even had its own Island Castle! The last time I saw it, the Castle had wreaths and big red ribbons for the Christmas season.

The pictures of the Sea Wall, the ones I am seeing online, are the most amazing to me. I have walked down that wall several times and always wondered if it would actually ‘protect’ the Island like it was supposed to do so.

The first time I visited the Island Jason, Lynn, Trevon, and I ate at the Cadillac Grill, a resturant on the Wall. So far it is the only Mexican restaurant that I have visited that I actually enjoyed the rice! It's gone... a Wendy's sign remains... but that is about it.

Say a prayer for all of the people on the Texas coast. Many of them are without power, water, food, or gas. Many of them will be without some of these things for several more days to come.


Keith and Carla said...

We were just there in June. We, also, have been going over our pictures on the computer and are amazed that it has been destroyed. It looks like a war zone from the pictures we have seen.

Linda Elms said...

It's been YEARS since I was in Galveston, but my heart breaks for those along the gulf coast and those inland that have been so affected! I've only seen trees and wires down, a house with a tree that crashed on a house, and I'm so sad I can't hardly stand it! Many of our friends and churches have been affected and I can't hardly stand the heaviness I'm feeling for them all. Please help me pray for them!