Saturday, September 13, 2008

Did you notice?

Greetings Dialogue Readers,

I wanted to take this time to point out the link on the right. This fantastic site has actually been up for some time and created a lot of news. I have visited it a number of times myself. It was my intention to have the link posted before I left for my sabatical but was not able to do so.

The site is a program designed by the United Nations World Food Program. The idea is that this site contributes educationally to developed nations and also contributes through food donations to developing nations. You play an educational vocabulary game and the UN and other major corporations and entities will donate twenty grains of rice for each correct answer. You can laterally donate thousands of grains each day yourself!

I also wanted to say, "Thank you" to those of you who have been asking about me and my family. I had actually just gotten home a few days earlier. I can't say this is the best picture... and I would never wear anything like this in public but yesterday when I went out to get the paper my roommate snapped this shot.

Thankfully, that was enough of a wind blast to make me decide to leave. I am visiting in Wichita Falls and hopefully will get back to work when all of this clears up. Thanks to the people at The Dialogue who have been so generous during this exhaustive ordeal.

Love you all,


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Lynn said...

Now that's my kind of picture!! LOL!!!