Saturday, June 28, 2008

Poll Results #0305

Question: How do you feel
about Polls in America?
I think we are over polled..... 53%
I don't think we are polled enough..... 22%
I could care less & never take any..... 24%
This poll has a 1% error

Breakdown of Data Concerning Gender
69% of voters were female
31% of voters were male

Breakdown of Data Concerning Ethnicity
61% of voters were lighties
37% of voters were darkies
2% of voters were swirlies

Breakdown of Data Concerning
Various Points of Interest
91% of voters voted online via a computer terminal
8% of voters voted online via a phone connection
1% of voters were from undetermined locations
Polling officially closed 12:00 am cst Friday, June 29
Author: Aprelle Coleman
Aprelle's Comments

What an interesting poll this has turned out to
be with so much useful information. We saw
a huge increase in female voters- apparently due
to the topic of the actual poll- giving opinions.
This poll also gave us the smallest percent of
online voters who were actually using a computer
terminal so far. We have seen a huge jump in online
viewing by phone and expect to see more after the
iphone has been released. On a personal note,
I wanted to let all my fans know that I will be going
on an extended leave for the month of
July. I will chat with all of you soon.
Hugs! xoxoxo


Roxana said...

A whole month with no poll? What will we do with our internet time?

Hey, I have a slight tan on one arm. Does that make me a swirly?

Joseph James said...


I'll make sure and give that one to Aprelle when she returns.

Friggy said...

The ethnicities made me giggle. :D
By the way... I noticed that my blog address on your listing was wrong. Mostly cause I spelled it wrong when I made it, lol. Here's the one that'll take you to the actual page:

Roxana said...

Warning!! My blog is in the making!

Roxana said...

Left out the ever important dash -