Monday, July 07, 2008

Home at Last

I am so happy to finally be home for a few weeks. I have a LifeSavers field trip coming up, but I will be home through the end of Vacation Bible School before heading to San Antonio for one last mini vacation. Thank God for vacations but thank God for HOME, too!

This year’s Senior Camp was incredible. The messages preached were fantastic but the response from the young people really made the difference. I was able to attend because I helped my sister-in-law with the music. Her anointed ministry also played a large part of the incredibleness of the services.

We came home from an incredible camp only to have a fantastic day of church right here at Life Tabernacle. As we started worship service we had a young lady receive the Holy Ghost right in the middle of our worship service. In the last few weeks our services have been great. There have been deep moves of the Spirit; deep cleansing moves. There is victory in our midst and we are ready for the Harvest. I am excited about Life Tabernacle!

Sunday night, one 'dear' sister told me I needed to 'get on the ball' with our Vacation Bible School forms and announcements because she didn't think I had done enough yet. She didn't realize that I had been gone so much this summer. I simply assured her that things were happening as they should. Anyone who really knows me can see how my response to her is probably the biggest testimony to our great camp and Sunday services! LOL

I am excited at the opportunity to be able to get a lot of things done around the house- painting, ‘deep cleaning’, etc. Brandon is with Jason and Julie for the rest of July so that will help. I also think he will enjoy the time being away for a little while as well. Since he visits at least once a month- sometimes more- he has been able to make lots of friends in Euless and I think he will have no shortage of things to do.


Lynn said...

So, did you use the "Hope" quote at camp this year? How'd it work for ya?

Roxana said...

Wlcome home, camper!

Tammy Bryant said...

You are incredible, keep up the awesome work.

janet anglin said...

I'm glad you got to go to camp because I'm sure you were a big help to Julie! I hope you enjoy this time to yourself and get a lot accomplished.