Friday, April 11, 2008

Dialogue Coleman Poll Results #0303

Official Analysis
Dialogue Poll #0303
What is your thought on Artists you like?
Don't Think Anything Special...............40%
Think of Them As Friends.....................32%
Don't Really Like Anyone Enough.........23%
They Are Extended Family..................... 5%
Breakdown of Data
Concerning Gender:
57% of voters were males
42% of voters were females
2% of voters were 'other'
Breakdown of Data
Concerning Ethnicity
65% were peach-colored American
25% were a soft pecan shell-colored American
7% were a deep mahogany-colored American
2% were from the mixed American group
1% were not American
Breakdown of Data Concerning
Various Points of Interest
97% voted online
3% voted from an iphone connection
3% of voters voted from a cafe in Paris
Poll Closed at 9:00 PM Central Standard Time April 10, 2008
Author: Aprelle Coleman
Aprelle's Comments
I want to start by saying it is so good to be back.
When you love working with polls,
like I do, you just can't stand not being able to do so.
I am so happy that the copyright infringement mess
has been taken care of. Instead of talking about the poll,
I want to direct your attention to our new poll
numbering system. Starting this year the first
two numbers in our poll give the year of polling. The last
two give the actual number of the poll in that year.
Hopefully this will make it much easier for those of you
who rely on our polling for your research. Enjoy!


Gene Holley said...

So this poll is from 2003? Isn't the data a little old? I take offense in being called a "peach" American.

Roxana said...

I don't fit the "peach" scene either. Albino is probaly closer, so I CHOOSE to be labled among the "soft pecan colored" crowd!

Wow!! I see color apearing on my arm! oh...that's just the same ol freckle.

Joseph James said...

Gene Holley: This is the third year of our polling... so the 03 is for year three. A little clarification... afterall... she is only an analyst not a writer.

Roxana: Being of the Albino colored variety you must have not voted in the last poll due to the fact that no Albinos were listed. After all- Aprelle knows all when it comes to the polls.

Roxana said...

I said closer to Albino! Thankfully I do have a little peachy-ness, but would like to be tan. :P

Joseph James said...