Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hail To Spring Break

"God made the seventh day of the week the day of rest for a reason. And I have to believe that He stuck Spring Break in the middle of the academic calendar for a similarly divine purpose."

Thank God it is here! At the last possible moment, when every student who has been locked up in a stuffy school building during a cold, rainy winter and every teacher who has been locked up with them is about to go crazy, one last reprieve drops in from Heaven like the mighty hand of God to provide rest and refreshment before a testing season that would cause even the brightest of students to learn to hate school.

HAIL TO SPRING BREAK and all who celebrate her bounty!!


Anonymous said...

AMEN, Bro. Joseph! I know you, Sis. Betty Cash, Sis. Tammy Bryant, Bro. Hallford, and myself need this break so badly!!

Enjoy yourself,
Janet Anglin

Gene Holley said...

As you begin yours, ours is coming to an end! :-( Have a great one!

Karla said...

Yes - ours is ending... BUT we get next Friday out of school for "Good Friday." YAY!!!

Linda Elms said...

Have a wonderful Spring Break. You deserve it!!!

JulieK said...

Yes it is soooo wonderful to have that break. Most people think that working for the school district is an easy job, but when these kids get burnt out it drives the teachers insane. Hope you have a wonderful week! I know we are having so much fun already!