Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Four of My Favorite Spring Things

I'm starting a new tag game... (never started one before).

Spring is in the air! Yeah!!! What are your four most favorite Spring things? Only four... no more.

Number 1:
Clover. I love clover. I love it because it is green and it feels wonderful beneath your feet. I know a lot of people think of it as a weed and some even try and kill it... but I love it. Whenever I see a big bunch of clover it makes me want to lay in the grass and run barefoot through it. For me... it is the ultimate sign of a new season of life.

Number 2:
Fresh Dirt. Not dry summer dirt, but fresh spring dirt. The kind that is still soft, squishy, and cool enough to stand in and get get between your toes. It smells wonderful... and nothing feels as good as getting into a garden and digging through fresh earth. It is a great thing indeed.

Number 3:
Bare Feet. What can I say? You knew it was coming after reading numbers one and two. I love to go barefoot. I get it from my mother. My father was the type of guy who would come home from work and put on his 'house' shoes. He usually wore socks to bed. I would go barefoot or in sandals EVERYWHERE if I could. My feet hate shoes... they hate being all cramped up with no air. Nothing says spring like being able to finally walk around barefoot or in sandals. Winter is such a stuffy dreary time for my poor feet.

Number 4:
Open doors and windows. I love to 'open up' my house. Spring breezes going through a house seem to undo all the months of fall and winter. Spring breezes are some of the most refreshing things God gave us.

Now for the tag part... I tag Dubya Dutton, Michelle, and the Shahan Shazaam... have fun!


Billy and Michelle said...

I also love to open the windows! The smell of spring is so refreshing.

JulieK said...

Ok I will play your tag! you must be bored on spring break

Lynn said...

Leave it to you to come up with an obligatory post, Mr. I Don't Have ANYTHING to do this Springbreak!:)

Lynn said...
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Anonymous said...

The reason your feet feel 'comfortable' in the buff is cuz you have Hobbit Feet...Ha!...co2

Kassie Dutton said...

Oops, I thought it was 5 things...I think Kim did 5 so I did 5 cause she tagged me...