Friday, November 16, 2007

Up and Running

Hello Blogging world! I am back...for all who didn't know I was gone.

Monday: I decided to rearrange my den. I unplugged my modem- which apparently is a bad thing- and moved everything across the room. When I attempted to log nothing happened and after I finally finished rearranging everything it was too late to call someone. So I waited till the next day.

Tuesday: On day two I discovered after calling in to inquire about my service, that I was really my dead father incarnate and now- no matter what modem problems I might be in the middle of- my service was going to be disconnected because I have failed to pay my service provider for my cell phone and my wife's cell phone which were both supposed to be deactivated in June- wonder why? By the time I learned all of this it was too late to be transferred to the billing department for them to fix their files because they had all gone home to working modems. I waited another day.

Wednesday: The next day I had a huge family situation that took the entire day.

Thursday: After talking with multiple people- all who were living in India, Pakistan, or some other third world call center- I finally got all things straightened out. I was assured that my service would be restored in no more than four hours. It was not.

Friday: Finally my service was restored- but my modem was still not working properly because I had unplugged it- stupid me. After talking with multiple third world call center employees again- which I have done every night this week except for Wednesday- my modem has finally been restored.

This is the kind of week I have had. A big pile of poop week. In fact, due to the unscheduled interruption of service, we had to cancel Ms. Coleman's dialogue poll for this week and allow her to take an early leave for Thanksgiving.

She promises to be back as soon as the break is over.


Roxana said...

So thankful for the dullness of life, when I realize it could be so eventful. Continuing in prayer for your family, Joseph.

Karla said...

Glad you are back!! You have been missed.

Lynn said...

Welcome back to At&t, oh wait, SBC, or is it Cingular, NO that's cell service, no that's the new At&t Wireless.... Well, welcome back whatever they call themselves.

Tammy Bryant said...

Joseph, life can be so interesting at times, right????

I am glad you are back and your posts always make me smile. Thanks!!!