Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Any Ideas?

It is that wonderful time when Life Tabernacle starts planning for a brand new year. This Wednesday evening all department calendars are due to our calendar guru- Bro. Andrew.

It is funny how we always seem to plan vigorously- at least I do- and at the end of the year you always look back and are amazed at how much you did NOT get around to. Anyone else feel that way?

This year seems really horrible because I feel as if I have missed the entire last half of the year. In fact, when it comes to church and work, the last two years of my life have been so hectic that sometimes I feel as if I am a total let down- not that I am looking for any validation from anyone- just saying how I have felt.

Anyway…back to the calendar.

One thing I am always thinking of this time of year is FUNDRAISERS! How do I fund all of the wonderful things I have sliding around in my brain? For the past few years we have done a fundraiser with LIFEsavers, our children’s group; similar to a scratch off card. While this fundraiser seems to do well, it never really does incredible…and I really want incredible.

So…here is where you come in. I want some fundraising ideas. Something that would be easy and make LOTS of MONEY!

One thing that seems to hinder us is that we work with kids. One of my convictions about working with children is that they need to feel the satisfaction of ‘working’ in the kingdom of God. I don’t like a fundraiser that the children cannot do. Children MUST experience getting their hands ‘dirty’ for the kingdom if they are ever going to love it.

So…what have you done? What have you heard of lately? What are some cool ideas, websites, or exciting new things that we need to try?


Roxana said...

Maybe rent-a-kid? We did it when I was in Cocoa. I admit the kids were mostly teens though. They use the 25 dollar friends at school. I'm sure I have a copy if you want one.
I also need some ideas for 6-10 yr olds.

Joseph James said...

What is the '25 dollar friend'?
e-mail it to me

Gene Holley, Jr. said...

I think an all night "Play-a-thon" would be just your ticket.

Roxana said...

I'll dig up a copy to send you. There are 25 lines, each one with a reason for giving a dollar.
So you'll go away...,Because I care...,just because you asked for it.... And so on.The person signs by the reason they choose for giving.

Roxana said...

Play-a-thon...Bro Gene, you've spent toooooo many nights rocking!

JulieK said...

I like Bro. Gene's idea I would pay for that!!! LOL
But one idea that Bro. Todd thought of was individual wrapped candy bars or M&M's they are about $18 dollars for a box of 52 sell them for $1 EACH making $34 profit.

JulieK said...

Bro Gene's post reminded me of a sign I saw the other day. I think you would like it.
If you leave your children unattened I will give them a shot of expresso and a free puupy!

Anonymous said...

If you have one, Papa John's offers cards to sell for fund-raising and also hosts nights for schools, etc, where anyone who buys and tells them what project it is for, a percentage of the proceeds for said sale goes to that establishment. You can find out more at www.papajohns.com.

Papa Murphy's pizza does fund-raisers.

Sonic cards sell great, are only $5.00 and easy to sell.

Check out www.fundingfactory.com.