Sunday, October 14, 2007

Who He Is

I think a lot of times we really have no idea what we are saying when we say things like, ‘God is a healer’, ‘God can meet your need’, etc. Many times we make these blanket statements as if the things we claim God can do, He does as part of His list of job requirements for being God. When in reality it is more about Him than it is what He can do.

God can provide for your need; however, He IS God and therefore He IS a need provider. It is not so much that He meets needs as much as it is a part of His nature. He is God and one of His ‘characteristics’ are that He is a provider of needs. It is part of who He is.

God can heal; however, He IS God and therefore He IS a healer. Again, it is not so much that one of His jobs is healing people as much as it is a part of His nature. He is a healer. It is who He is.

You might think that this is a somewhat mute point- I disagree wholeheartedly.

When we lower God’s traits, His healing, providing, peace, holiness, to merely things He can do we bring the focus on the action and not the one who causes the action. God can heal, but what if he doesn’t? He can provide, but what if He doesn’t?

If the focus is on the action of healing, providing, and delivering, what happens when those things do not happen? The natural thing is to question why He didn’t. If He can do them, and if He is God, why didn’t He? We question God, and at times can become shaken. If all these things are simply things He CAN do- why not?

Let’s change the focus.

If the focus is on who God is, that He IS a healer, provider, and deliverer, everything changes. What happens when there is no healing, providing, delivering, or peace in the storm? Now our situations have no bearing on our view of God. Any questions we have are all answered by our knowledge in the fact that He IS.

Just because a need you had may not have been met does not make Him any less of a provider. Any question you have as to why it might not have been met is now answered in the knowledge that He IS a provider, and in some way, perhaps in a way you may not even comprehend, He IS providing because that is who He IS.

It is amazing that God referred to Himself as, ‘I AM.’ WOW! That one statement really says it all in more ways that I can even began to comprehend. He IS.


Karla said...

Joseph - thank you for an AWESOME post. So glad I know WHO He IS!!!

Roxana said...

(Did you find my notebook, Joseph?? Stay out of my notes, man!)
If the devil can sidetrack us into thinking God just WON'T do such and such for us we get discouraged. I like how you put the focus on GOD IS GOD, reguardless of what we see being done by Him. GOD IS, and He is always right!

JulieK said...

WOW Joseph! You amaze me with you deep thought. Thank you for your Awesome post. I to am glad I know who HE IS! Sounds like a sermon to me LOL Maybe you will be preaching on Sunday Scince everyone is gonna be gone!