Sunday, May 13, 2007

Case Officially Closed

The Crime

(As you can see damage was also done to the victim's neighbor)

(The victim's house was covered from roof to lawn)

After several days of investigation- shady truths and other techniques that I will not reveal- I have compiled a list of culprits. If by any chance you see these individuals around town at an odd hour of the night, call the police immediately!

The Guilty
Jeff Napier
Kelly Meacham
Brad & Shenista Carpenter
Eddie & Ashley 'Red Burk Hoodie' Jordan
Shannon Pursel
Kimberly Pursel


Gene Holley, Jr. said...

I figure that you have done something like this or some sort of trick in the past - payback comes in all different ways! On the bright side, the Lord has provided forks and .... for next little while! I know of a family that picked it all up and their mom made them use it up! LOL!

Joseph James said...

Surely not...