Friday, January 19, 2007

A Slave to Mr. Sandman

In the summer I would get so angry at having to go to bed while the sun was still up. I have memories of being able to look out my bedroom window at the neighborhood kids while they were playing outside and riding bikes long after my parents had sent me to bed. The sun being ‘up’ was any amount of sunlight short of all out darkness. Life was so unfair.

Monday of this week I had a planning meeting and several things to take care for the year following the meeting. Tuesday was a birthday party, and a late evening of working at home. Wednesday was church and choir practice, only to come home and be up till 1:00 working on papers that had to get graded. How I wish for those unfair childhood nights!

At one time I could stay up until all hours of the night and never be effected. I remember many nights of RISK where the evening did not end until early the next morning. Sometimes it was more than once a week. Although I had a relatively early bed time last night, I was hardly able to get up because of all the sleep I didn’t have earlier in the week. How on earth did I ever stay up so consistently late?

At twenty-eight years old I really need sleep. In fact on evenings like tonight, when it is only 10:30, my body is begging for bed. This past week it would have been so nice to have to put everything away and be ‘forced’ into bed. Somehow I think it would be a lot less of a ‘force’ than it used to be!

Often I have thought about Heaven and wondered how it could be Heaven with no sleep. I know we will never get tired, but the very idea of missing out on sleep is almost too tiring to think about! I think I shall have to find a spot somewhere nice and quite and take a little nap for the pure enjoyment of napping.

Thank God for the ability to sleep. There is nothing like going to bed completely exhausted and waking up feeling warm, snug, and content. Without beds, sheets, comforters, electric blankets, pillows, the world would be an awfully grumpy place. Just think of yourself with no sleep; now magnified by 6 billion. That would surely be the opposite of Heaven!

I hope you enjoy your bed this evening. Happy weekend sleeping to all- and to all a goodnight!


Karla said...

Joseph, I have often said the same thing about Heaven. I just can't imagine any place being so wonderful without us having the chance to sleep sometimes! LOL That just goes to show that our human minds cannot conceive all that God has prepared for us. Hope you get rested up this weekend!

Linda Elms said...

Goodnight, Joseph! Sleep well. :)

Barbara said...

don't worry, 600 is an awful lot of hits.

Keith and Carla said...

I, too, wish for those unfair childhood nights, when we were told to go to bed by a certain time. I'm like Karla, I cannot imagine not being able to lay down and take a "little" nap every now and then when we reach Heaven. LOL

Anonymous said...

I don't have your new e-mail address and your school one doesn't like me. e-mail me

Joseph James said...

I have always said that if I rule over a part of the Earth- my part will have sleeping times!