Monday, January 22, 2007

Just the Usual, Please.

I talked to my brother on Sunday and he told me that he could not wait to read all about our Sunday services on ‘the blogs’. I laughed and agreed with him that everyone would have something to say about it! On the other hand, the more I got to thinking, the more I decided that perhaps I should not blog about Sunday’s service… at least not in the way he was thinking.

I was at Chili’s on Sunday night with a group of friends and one individual said something to the effect of what a great day it was. He talked about how everything seemed so ‘loosed’ in the spirit. I couldn’t agree more. I really began to think about what had happened that day, and how it had affected us as a church.

Why should anything that happens in our Apostolic services come as any surprise to anyone? Why shouldn’t a 90 year-old women be pulled back from the door of death, a man be freed from bondage? Why should any of these things really be out of the ordinary to any of us? They shouldn’t.

In truth- that is what is supposed to happen in an Apostolic church. If someone is serious about being delivered- where else would they go? If someone is in drastic need of a miracle- where else could the need be so wholly met? Apostolic churches should have services where the spirit is utterly ‘loosed’- as it was so aptly put.

So, in light of that fact, I will not be blogging about the ordinary. I will not blog about the mundane. I am not suggesting that the saving power of the blood of Jesus is mundane; however, I am simply suggesting that it should happen so often that it is not the exception, rather the rule.

To all of you who are not members of Life Tabernacle Church:

We had wonderful services on Sunday. Sis. Orange was with us and blessed us with her singing in each service. Pastor Elms declared salvation on Sunday morning and preached about the lies of Satan on Sunday evening. The two messages really dove-tailed perfectly. We had one young man who was delivered from the bondage of sin to live a new life of freedom and several members of our church were strengthen and renewed in the power of the Holy Ghost… I am sure you have heard it all before… nothing out of the ordinary… just church as it should be.


Karla said...

I love your take on things! I've heard about the services and know how awesome it was. We also had great services here - in the morning at our own church then again last night at the "mother" church - it was awesome.

Joseph James said...

Thank you! I visited your site for the fist time in a few days and saw the video. It was great! I tried to leave a post but my modem was in a bad mood! lol

Tammy & Dan Bryant said...

Bro. Joseph how wonderfully put. Yesterday morning during altar call I could not help but think about Sis. Freeman and that Sunday night. My faith was high and knew that God was there to do a mighty work and encourage us all while doing so.
Thank you for reminding us that "Life" is not mundane or as usual unless talking about God moving and doing.

Misty said...

Wonderfully put!

Linda Elms said...

CHURCH as it SHOULD BE, for sure! Movings of the power of Almighty God, salvation, deliverance, healing, truth ....that's what CHURCH is all about! What a MIGHTY GOD we serve! Just think, we will have this over, and over again! Thank you for your post!

jay5in said...

Thank you Sir. I have to share an expected result. Bro McLaughlins mother has been in a serious battle for her health fighing pneumonia and some other serious ailments for an 80 year old new convert. Doctors found that some chest pains were the result of 90% blockage in her aorta and scheduled the surgery. A three hour procedure took 30 minutes when a stuned doctor opened Mimi up to find NO blockage in ANY of her Arteries AT ALL!!!

Linda Elms said...

Thank the Lord for His MIGHTY WORKING POWER! This is just AWESOME and "expected"! I love this post and I love this testimony of another miracle. "There is no telling what God will do when you believe!"

Tena said...

Hello. I found your blog from Sis. Elms'.
I agree with a huge "AMEN" to what you wrote here! Miracles should be happening in our churches EVERY service! My goodness - we have the truth! We preach the Book of Acts. Book of Acts experiences should be happening in our churches.
Sounds like they are in Texas!
I know they are in Hollister, California! Praise the Lord!
God bless you!

Joseph James said...

Thanks for dropping by Tena. I have been to the Hollister Website- again through Sis. Elms. lol