Sunday, November 05, 2006


Three years ago my Grandmother passed away. A few months after she passed my Mother found out that she had ovarian cancer. She has been on some sort of chemotherapy since that time. In March of this year my Father passed away. I miss him more than I know how to say. There are days that my inside just aches. I have no words to express human suffering. No words to tell what it is like to be aching, empty, and hollow on the inside of your spirit. But in spite of all the days, nights, and sometimes a whole week of pain, I am blessed.

Until I was 26 years old, I never knew death, disease, or extreme sorrow. I have a cousin who passed away when I was in my early teens. Although I knew and loved him, he lived in New York, and over the course of my life, we had only spent short periods of time together up until that point. Up until three years ago, my world had never really been turned upside down by life. In the last three years though, I can truly say that I have grown ‘old’ in so many ways. Life has happened in ways I never imagined it would.

My pastor’s wife was talking about our church a few nights ago. She was talking about her sister that had recently moved away, her mother, father, and brother that had gone on to be with the Lord. She commented on how much she misses our church when she is away, and has realized lately that our church is her ‘family.’ I could not agree more with her. Over the last few years I have fallen in love with the ‘family’ of God. Where can we go when we are in need of friendship, love, and support? Who can we turn to when all else seems to be falling apart.

For years my mother and father have been a part of Sunday school, Bus Ministry, cleaning the church, and ushering; however, I think the last few years, this last year especially, the church has been carrying our family. Who would my family be without Life Tabernacle. From cleaning the church to working in Sunday school, my brother and I were taught to pour ourselves into the kingdom of God. We were taught by example that what we do for Christ is the most important part of our existence. In those lessons of pouring out, I fell in love- in love with the church: in love with God’s family.


Gene Holley, Jr. said...

I have leaned upon the church so many times to receive strength in weathering the storms of life. There is safety under its umbrella. You can be assured that we are continuing to pray for you and your family.

Joseph said...

WOW! My first reply! I am exstatic! I keep getting hit but no one wants to ever really say anything. lol Thanks... tell everyone I said I love ya'll.

Anonymous said...

Joseph, I haven't been on your site much at all, but I will be returning to read your posts! You are a great writer, and express yourself so well. I guess I should have known that but for some reason just didn't. I understand your aching heart, because as I said in that service, I've been there. What a comfort to know that the people of God and especially people of our church, Life Tabernacle, loves and cares for the hurting! I love being a part of this incredible church. I don't know what I would have done without the saints of God being there when I was hurting, lonely, grieving, and yes, even laughing! God is definitely in the middle of it all! To God be the glory for the things HE has done through His people! Keep up the great writings.