Saturday, August 13, 2011

Singapore & Malaysia

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Singapore & Malaysia, a set on Flickr.

I know this has been a long time in coming... but I have been promising all of my long distance friends photos from my most recent Mission's Trip to Asia. Here they are. The first part of the trip took place in Singapore where we did a Vacation Bible School program I had written for my home church two years ago. I reworked it and we did it with the Church in Singapore... they did a great job. We had six children filled with the Spirit from Singapore. To God be the glory!

The next portion of the trip took place in Malaysia. Malaysia was much more training intensive then Singapore and most of my time was spent conducting trainings and workshops for children's workers. We did have a children's crusade and we had three children filled with the Spirit and one adult. Got does the amazing!

In Singapore you will see pictures of our VBS program as well as pictures of some new and old friends of mine in the area. I was able to make a contact from India on this trip- God only knows what will come of that. lol

The Singapore church is also very good about making sure all of their guests have days of rest. For my 'rest' day I spent one day visiting the Singapore Museum of National history and then they also took me to Universal Studios.

The Malaysian photos start with dinner with the Leow family. Rev. Leow is the General Sup. of the Malaysian Church. I took a number of pics with some of the children who were standing around chatting with parents and such after the altar service and also a big photo with some of those who were in attendance at the service.

I was able to spend a day doing some sightseeing and shopping- which was very nice. I also went to visit an Indian Holy place. It was one of the neatest, saddest, most fascinating things I think I have ever seen in my life. I have never seen open idolatry and it was moving in ways I cannot even describe.

Overall the trip was a success and if you helped fund it through prayer or monetary blessing then thank you very much. God did amazing things and you were a part of it!


Keith and Carla said...

Enjoyed the pics!!!

Joseph James said...

Thanks... and thanks for all your prayerful support and encouragement! lol

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