Friday, January 08, 2010

Year In Review: Fall BLAST

In spite of having two weeks off- and in spite of being locked inside during the biggest snow storm in four decades- I did not find the time to post pictures of my year in review. So... here goes!

I decided to start with our Fall Blast. We had so much fun this past October/November when the Borliks came and spent Halloween with us. We started off on Friday evening with a puppeteer workshop and then on Saturday we had a city wide Fun Fest. This year we had over 400 in attendance... the biggest crowd we have ever had. In fact, we ran out of food!

On Sunday the Borliks were here for service in xtreme and then in big church on Sunday evening. We had a great time and saw many children filled with the Holy Spirit- in xtreme and big church. It just goes to show you that kids can get the Holy Ghost in big church, too!

Enjoy the pics. I am looking forward to all sorts of incredible things with our children this coming year. God is great and I cannot wait to see what will happen this year in Life Tabernacle Kids!!

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