Wednesday, January 27, 2010

State of The Union 2010

If you didn't see this year's State of The Union, the Constitutionally mandated event for the President of the United States, then you missed seeing our President in rare form. He really is a gifted and motivating speaker. That being said... many of his major points were off... or just bold-faced lies. The list is rather large... but I just picked a few for you to enjoy. :)

Here they are:

1.) President Obama said he would put a freeze on unnecessary government spending. He promised to reign in spending on 'discretionary government programs'. What exactly is a 'discretionary government program' anyway? The White House electric bill? Anyone who remembers their high school government class knows that Congress controls the purse of the United States. Obama cannot 'reign' in anything because he is in the EXECUTIVE branch of government. I guess he forgot that? And... I guess he forgot that in his Presidential debates with John McCain he said, himself, "The problem with a spending freeze is you're using a hatchet where you need a scalpel." Humm... I guess he changed his mind?

2.) Our dear President also said that he has banned lobbyists from working in government positions so that they do not have "influence" over our government. This was a bold faced lie. He has done nothing of the sort. In fact, he has at least seven working as White House officials. How much more influential can you be in the United States government other than working directly with the President IN HIS HOME?

3.) Obama had another lapse in memory when he said that he wanted congress and the White House to "do our work openly" so that the American people know exactly what is going on in government in regards to all policy and laws. The fact is that Obama, while campaigning for his health care bill, promised that all of the debates and proceedings on health care would be televised on National television. He said all Americans deserved to see what was taking place and exactly what they would be getting in his 'ObamaCare' package. This has not happened at all- in fact it has almost been just the opposite. Now that Democrats in the Senate no longer have a 60 member majority they are trying to find loop holes to fast track the bill even without another vote! Perhaps Americans have reason to be sceptical after all?

Then, what I thought the highlight of the speech:

First, my love of politics originates with the courts. As far back as I can remember I have been fascinated with the Supreme Court of the United States. It's an uniquely American entity that has been copied the world over- and many historians credit the institution of such a unique court as the protection of our democracy. That being said, my favorite moment in the President's speech was when he attacked the Supreme Court and asked Congress to create a law that would over turn a recent decision. My jaw dropped. It just amazes me to see how little he understands his role as being in the EXECUTIVE branch of our government. I guess all that common-man Ivy League education did nothing for him?

However bad he did... the Republican response was horrible. If the Republicans cannot get their act together and steal Congress back in this election year, then we will deserve to be on the outside of all government decisions for our stupidity alone. Leave it to the Republican party to let Clinton be reelected because of some handicapped buffoon.

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