Sunday, November 22, 2009


Our forty days of fire are over. Tonight was the last night of our Revival with Bro. Easter and also our last week- the week of reviving. So- I thought I would take some time and share.

For those of you who are not from Life Tabernacle, Pastor Holley asked us to create a list of seven things we were having faith to see God do. Call me needy- but I was able to come up with all seven items. As of today three of the seven have already happened.

The first item that I scratched off was perhaps one of my biggest headaches over the last two years: my parent’s house. I have not been able to close their estate because the house has not sold. On Tuesday of this week, at 4 in the afternoon, we close on a sale. God is faithful!

Another one of my seven items was for a young boy in our church, Johnathan, to receive the Holy Ghost. He has been seeking after it for a long time. This past summer he was the only camper that returned from camp without receiving it and I know that made him very sad. This past week he received it! God is faithful!

The last item that I am scratching off is a little more abstract. I had put on my list that we would see revival among our kids. I know… how are you supposed to know when something like that happens? Well… tonight, while watching people receive their Bibles and certificates, I realized that the majority of those standing up who had been filled with the Spirit or Baptized were younger than 18 years old! Many of those were younger than 12. This evening, while I was talking to a visitor, he commented on the children and their participation in service. So… it’s here! We are experiencing revival among children! God is faithful!

In spite of all of this…I was tired going into this last part of our 40 days of fire campaign. I didn’t want to end our 40 days with revival services, and I certainly did not want to have to be a part of another community day at the end of it all. For some reason this past week was a CONSTANT struggle for me to reign in my mind and force myself to give everything I could to this revival. My flesh did not want to be in revival at all this week. What can I say? Sometimes it happens… sometimes you seem to be your own worst enemy! God is faithful!

Now its Thanksgiving week and as much as I am looking forward to a week off I can’t help but let my mind fly ahead to next weekend. God is so good and I am so excited to be apart of what is going on. We are swimming in waters… and it feels both exciting and somewhat daunting.

The last few years I have become so determined that I will not be a part of a generation that arrives at the promise and is unwilling to take it. We all go through spiritual ‘slumps’ from time to time but all we have to do is remind ourselves of what we have to lose. I cannot afford to get slack with my opportunity to be a part of what is happening. All of my life I have envied the story of Caleb and his mountain. I want a mountain. I don’t even know exactly what I mean when I say that… but I know what it feels like!

Well… enough rambling. If I don’t get to tell you in person… or if I don’t get to tell you before I head to Jason & Julie’s… Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you have a blessed holiday and find yourself surrounded by family and friends.

WOW!! The left side was for kids and young people!!


Karla said...

The only word that comes to mind is: AWESOME!!!!!!!!

Christina said...

....and tears of JOY to the eyes!!!

Linda Elms said...

I find tears welling up in my eyes and wanting to run down my cheeks from all the things you said in this post. One of the things that touches me so much is "I WANT A MOUNTAIN"! Joseph, God is making Himself more real to you than ever before. I just feel it in my spirit. HE is going to continue pouring out His blessings on you AND Life Tabernacle for all the times of sacrifice and faithfulness. Love you all so very much! We are rejoicing over and over again for the promises being fulfilled.

Keith and Carla said...

WONDERFUL!!! I get so excited reading/hearing about all the great things God is doing at home. Enjoyed reading about it on your personal level!

Michelle said...

Thanks for sharing Joseph, we are blessed to have you in the lives of our children.

Joseph James said...

Thanks for all your comments... I am very excited about all that is going to happen and is happening... and excited that people still read!! lol