Friday, September 04, 2009

Whale Watching

Alright… here are the best pics… the WHALES!

This time in Boston we went on a whale watching tour off the Cape. It was incredible. I would recommend it to anyone. The day we went the weather was absolutely gorgeous.

Our ship was destined for the open sea but just off the tip of the Cape... a few miles out from Provincetown... we found a mother, her companion, and her calf that were out enjoying a stroll. Just in front of us lay the Atlantic and all you could see for miles in every direction was deep blue water and a big beautiful blue sky.

The whale we saw was named, Nile. She was accompanied by a companion whale (a male whale waiting for her calf to grow so that he could mate with her) and her new calf. The fluke of the whale (the tail) is as unique for a whale as a human’s thumb print. Because of this, the only way to name, identify, and track whales by sight is to use the underside of the fluke.

Nile is named such because on her fluke she has a small black line that resembles the Nile River. When looking at her fluke is is on the left side. You will have to see if you can see it.

I also have pictures of us on the boat- since it took about almost two hours to get ‘out to sea’ and some pics of interesting things on the way. This was by far the most enjoyable activity I did while on vacation.



Keith and Carla said...

The whale watch looks neat - have never been on one. We were going to go on a seal watch while in Maine in '06, but it was so foggy that we weren't able to go. Love the ocean!!!

Enjoyed your pics!

Joseph James said...

Thanks... it was great and the day was perfect for it.

Michelle said...

How cool!!

Karla said...

Wow!! You got some awesome pictures! Looks like a blast. By-the-way: I thought Boston was on the Atlantic Ocean. The Pacific is the west coast. :)