Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Sweeps Week!!

Hello blogging world!!

First... the story (because with me there is ALWAYS a story): Most of you know that I took a few weeks this summer and spent some time going to see family and doing some much needed relaxing. I took TONS of pictures (which you will be able to see in this week's sweeps). What you don't know is the reason for my long absence from Blogger.

Shortly before I left for my trip, I decided to open a new yahoo e-mail address because my aol address now gets almost 100 e-mails a day... which makes checking it a horrible thing. It was my intention to use this new address for all of my personal contacts. What I did not know was that Blogger is owned by the same company that owns yahoo and google mail. Apparently once I had created an account with yahoo, blogger automatically took everything from my account and switched it to my yahoo name and password. Of course, I did not know this before I left for vacation.

So... I return from vacation- almost three weeks later- only to discover that all of the pictures I have just uploaded online to display on my blog are useless because I cannot log into my blog. I had no idea what had happened. Only after a few days of trying did I realize what had taken place. The real problem came when I realized that I had no clue what my password was because the new e-mail was a 'spur-of-the-moment' thing and I had no idea what I had used as my password.

So... I tried as many different things as I could (which was a bad idea). Apparently... when you attempt to access a blog with several failed attempts the site 'times you out.' Not too bad... but apparently if you go back into the site a day later and do the same thing it 'locks down the site' (a very different thing altogether). Needless to say... it has taken many help desk e-mails... (did I mention it has taken MANY e-mails) to have arrived at the moment last night when I was able to simply run a test. I was so excited I couldn't even blog about it.

So... here we are... and with no intentions of going anyway (after all FB is to blogging like movies are to books... visually appealing for the easily pleased but nothing like the real thing). Now that I am back I am jumping head first into the planned sweeps week!

My fist set of pics comes from our summer field trips with our kids in July. I hope you enjoy!


Karla said...

Love the pictures & glad you're back to blogging. Yay!!

Michelle said...

Enjoyed the pics!