Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Death of A Legend

Words cannot express the profound sense of loss I feel in my heart right now. Today, as so many of you already know, the Pop/Rock MegaStar, Michael Jackson, passed away. I was in tears when I found out.

So many people have been touched by the life and music of MJ, as us loving and loyal fans called him, that many of us will feel as if we are missing something of our own family as the days and weeks go by. I cannot tell you how deeply I am moved.

I can remember seeing him perform so many times as a young girl. He was always amazing and always fantastic. What he did as an artist will echo on through the ages in not only my life but in all those who can remember being touched by him.

I don't know what will happen as the next few days take shape but one thing is for certain; the world will miss Michael Jackson. They will miss his passion for life, his desire to make music appeal to the masses, and the depth and meaning with which he sang each and every song throughout his powerful career.

I love you Michael.
~Aprelle XOXOXO


Joseph James said...

You are insane. Yes, he did many great things musically but come on... this is way too glowing.

This man had a pour life stolen by some bizzar desire to live as someone he wasn't. I mean half the time he lived on drugs... what sane person would try and drop their son out of a window... or have so many nose jobs he was forced to wear a mask?

He touched people alright... but not in the ways people should be touching.

And, I'll tell you what will happen over the next few days... he will transformed into an idol. Everything horrible and ridiculous thing he has ever done will be covered up and masked because of his 'great' musical ability.

It will be pathetic!

Aprelle Coleman said...

You are a horrible human being who only continues to comment here in order to drive me crazy.

Karla said...

Sometimes I am SERIOUSLY concerned about you!!!