Monday, June 08, 2009

Abroad With Our President

Greetings everyone!

I had such a FANTASTIC time in Egypt. It just so happened while I was away that President Obama was also visiting. My friends and I were so very excited to get to met this great President. How often do you get to meet the President of the United States? I was so proud to be able to tell him that I had voted for him... the People's President.

Anyway... it wasn't until I retruned from my trip that I noticed this shot online at the White House site. I circled myself in red so that you could see me- Aprelle!! Hopefully I will be able to put more pictures of my trip up soon


~ Aprelle


Joseph James said...

A VIDEO of HIM... and not even allowing people to comment on it?? This is sacrilege… how dare you post this sort of stuff at this address!

Aprelle Coleman said...

In case you forgot... this is NO longer YOUR site! GO AWAY!!