Saturday, May 23, 2009

The NEW Democracy

Finally! After last week when the United States Senate voted against President Obama to close our country's embarrassing little secret- Guantanamo Prison- he now has support for his Credit Card Overhaul plan.

It is appalling to think that the United States Congress is giving in to ultra, right-winged conservatives by not closing this horrible chapter in American history. The very idea that America has a prison abroad for misguided individuals who cannot help but hold grudges against us for our ‘invasive’ foreign policies is what makes us so hated! As the world’s greatest democracy, America should be the emblem of love, peace, forgiveness, and nonaggression.

Anyway… I am so thankful that the Credit Card plan passed. Just think… a few months ago we still had a President who thought that giving government more power to help ‘assist’ us in our everyday lives would also give government the power to take away more liberties. He had such 20th century thinking. Now, at least, we can move on. I mean, seriously, what better hands to be in then the hands of the American government?

Well… I also wanted to take this moment to tell all of you how much I love and appreciate your support of the new blog. I know we have not made too many changes yet, but more is to come- promise!

Sit back, take a deep breath, and feel the openness of this new site. Isn’t it grand?!

Love & Kisses! XOXOXO


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Joseph James said...

This is absurd... and have you ever heard of a COPYRIGHT!