Monday, April 06, 2009

Spring BLAST

This weekend was Spring BLAST and I am so thankful for what God did for us at Life Tabernacle. If you have been keeping up with our church, then you have heard about all the wonderful, recent baptisms and Holy Ghost outpouring that has taken place. This weekend, we turned our focus to our children!

On Friday night Rev. and Mrs. Joseph Castorina, our weekend evangelists, taught a workshop for all of our staff who work with children: Bus Drivers & Captains; Sunday School Teachers; Bible Quizzing Coaches & Staff; and X-treme workers. I know it was a blessing to many of our staff and it was certainly a blessing to myself. Everything that was said seemed to go right along with what we have been hearing as a church for some time. It was the same message taken and focused specifically toward children.

On Saturday we had our first ever 'Life Tabernacle Kids 'Hood Party'. A neighborhood block party for kids and families here in our city. We selected a spot that had been specifically targeted for our recent Community Day two weeks ago. It was a great turn out. I really feel that we will see results from our day for several weeks to come.

Sunday was another exciting time. "Bro. Joe", as our kids called him, was in x-treme church with us. We had a wonderful altar call and some great praying by our children. Sunday night was another wonderful service. As great as it was to have three children baptized and at least another three receive the Holy Ghost, just as important were the number of children who were crying and speaking in tongues again. Not only do I want to see our children filled with the Holy Ghost for the first time, but I want to see them filled with it every time they can be.

I think a lot of times we forget about the importance of continued renewal- especially when it concerns children. I want every child who comes through our church to be completely equipped for the next stage of their life- not only getting the Holy Ghost but keeping it and growing in it.

This weekend was a success. I really enjoyed the time I was able to spend with our evangelist, who I would highly recommend to anyone. It was a great weekend and many people deserve thanks for making it happen. I cannot wait till we get to do it again in the fall! Our Fall BLAST will be just as spectacular!


Gene Holley said...

It was awesome! We also had an adult filled with the Spirit, so it goes to show you that we big people can be moved by the simple message of God's love, too!

Lynda said...

To me this service was the best and we have been in some REALLY great services. Kids are so sincere and open.