Sunday, April 26, 2009

All Good Things...

According to the Columbia World Book and Encyclopedia my title, and the quote it is taken from, is credited to the immoralist Zarathustra. It was he who was the first documented thinker who struggled with the idea of good and evil as the very “wheel in the machinery of all things.” In other words, history credits this man with the idea that ‘all things’ are driven by good and evil- and not necessarily ‘goodness’ or ‘evilness’- but the struggle between the two. He believed the violent struggle between the opposing wills of good and evil drive all that is.

This is untrue. To believe that the struggle between good and evil drives all things is to believe that there is a ‘struggle’- something that would be contrary to creation. All of creation exists in harmony with itself. It was created out of Goodness. It is this ‘goodness’- Divine Providence- that drives the ‘machinery of all things.’

Yes, evil does exist. And it certainly works to disrupt Goodness; however, it in no way ‘struggles’ with Goodness so that the very struggle of the two forces itself drive all. Evil has been allowed and will continue to be allowed until time has been fulfilled. At that point Goodness will prevail the victor.

This is in direct opposition to Zarathustra’s position. Even in his lifetime he saw the present generation as more evil than the preceding one. He envisioned time ending with evil as the ultimate victor and all things- all goodness- being destroyed. An immoralist. An erroneous thinker.

The victory of Goodness has been established from the very beginning. God, the source of goodness, created all and thus all things were created by Goodness. It is the perversion of His goodness that is itself evil. For evil to be locked in struggle with Goodness would be to suggest that the Nature of God is in struggle with a perverse form of His own Nature. This cannot be for God Himself cannot be turned against Himself. Ultimately the Nature of God will shine forth wholly once the perversion- or evil- has been removed.

Goodness existed before. Goodness exists now. Goodness exists at every moment in time at once. Goodness is not bound to time because it is the Nature of God and simply is. Evil had a beginning. It had a moment of creation and thus it will have a moment of destruction.

My apology to Zarathustra’s ‘thought’ is purposed to discredit the following saying that is rooted in his mythology. “All good things must come to an end.”

All ‘good’ things must continue. In fact, if they are good, they will continue because Goodness cannot be destroyed. Things bound by time, limited by a definite creation and destruction, cannot affect the thing that exists outside of time. Goodness is. It is a definitive statement with no beginning and no ending.

I think on this topic because this will be the final post for this blog. For some time my personal life has become much more hectic and this blog has suffered. My recent quest to ‘de-tech’ my life has now, finally after a few months of pathetic attempts to keep things going, consumed The Dialogue.

Thank you to all of my fans and avid readers. Perhaps, in some distant future, there might be a reincarnation of this site in some other form. In the meantime all things pertaining to this site remain under copyright and are the sole possession of the creator. :oP

So, I leave you thinking individuals with this…

All good things must come to an end.



Lynn said...

Hmmm. Mind numbing, perhaps just simplifying your posts would create more time for you.

Who was it that told you that you killed your blog a few months back?

Roxana said...

Don't you realize insane person(s) across the country read this blog? It must go on! See? Already I no longer making sense!!

Anonymous said...

I agree... how I found this blog I have no idea... but I really enjoy it. You can't stop.

Aprelle Coleman said...

Humm... I wonder?